Carbodiimide metathesis

Carbodiimide metathesis, Iminophosphorane cl3pnar (ar = 2-fluorophenyl) is an active carbodiimide metathesis catalyst and the cycloaddition product, a 1,3-diaza-2.

This user does not have a subscription to this publication please contact your librarian to recommend that your institution subscribe to this publication. Carbodiimide metathesis catalyzed by vanadium oxo and imido complexes via imido transfer birdwhistell, kr lanza, j pasos, j 1999-07-10 00:00:00 vanadium oxo and imido complexes: v(nc 6 h 4 me)(o t bu) 3 ( 1 ), v(nc 6 h 4 me)cl 3 ( 2 ), v(o)(o t bu) 3 ( 3 ), v(o)(o i pr) 3 ( 4 ), v(o)(acac) 2 ( 5 ), are catalysts for the metathesis of. The versatility of solid-state metathesis reactions: from rare earth fluorides to carbodiimides.

Carbodiimide metathesis has also been catalyzed by cr(ii)/sio 2 and w(co) 5 (cn i pr) both catalytic and stoichiometric imine metathesis has been observed using imido complexes sita has developed a stoichiometric metathesis to unsymmetrical carbodiimides mediated by group 14 amide complexes. The metathesis of two different substituted carbodiimides ~ and ~ with pentacarbonyldiphenyl carbene tungsten 1 at 20°c gave only the stoichiometric.

Carbodiimide metathesis based on the patient8217s responses and our examination findings, i recommend one of the following therapies carbodiimide metathesis.

The ability of heteroallenes to undergo metathesis reactions could be demonstrated using the carbodiimides 2 the stoichiometric reaction 1 + 2 → 3 + 4 is the first example of a metathesis of heteroallenes with carbene complexes such as 1. In an attempt to test the metathesis reaction of carbon dioxide, equimolar amounts of diphenyl carbodiimide 2 and zirconium n-butoxide 1azr were mixed with half a.

  • An efficient and mild oxidative desulfurization procedure using o-iodoxybenzoic acid enables the synthesis of carbodiimides starting from easily available 1,3.
  • Iminophosphorane cl3p nar (ar = 2-fluorophenyl) is an active carbodiimide metathesis catalyst and the cycloaddition product, a 1,3-diaza-2.

Carbodiimide chemistry: recent advances synthesis of carbodiimides by i 2 /chp-mediated cross sacrificial synthesis of hydroxy-telechelic metathesis.

Carbodiimide metathesis
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